Car loans in Uganda: drive your dream car today! Car loans in Uganda: drive your dream car today!

Car loan calculator

5,000,000 UGX 46,000,000 UGX
6 60

Monthly payment:
946,019 UGX
Initial deposit:
5,250,000 UGX change

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Initial deposit:
5,250,000 UGX change
Monthly payment:
946,019 UGX

Apply for a loan:

  • Finance up to 80% of any car's value regardless of age or make
  • Loan period up to 60 months
  • Fast processing - get your car loan in 24 hours

How do I get a Car Loan?

Choose an auto you want to buy
Select loan amount and term
Fill in application on car loan online
Sign a contract at the branch

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Basic conditions:

  • Driver's license
  • Personal ID or passport
  • Proof of income

Preliminary offer:

  • Regardless of the age and make of the car
  • At MOGO branch or online
  • Loan approval within 24 hours

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Advantages of getting car loan at MOGO

Have you been thinking about buying a car?  But due to financial constraints, all efforts have been to no avail. Worry no more as MOGO brings to you a lifetime opportunity for you to own and drive your dream car.


MOGO is a company that offers financing services for used cars on loan in Uganda. Leverage on our swift and economically-friendly interest rates as well as our flexible repayment package. Contact us today and secure that life-changing loan.


Applications for loans can also be carried at our branches in Kampala and Mbale. Likewise, you can select a suitable loan amount and term by using a calculator on our website and then fill in the application online.