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Car Loan

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  • What is a car loan?

    Car loan is a way of buying a car with a the help of financing. According to the contract, Mogo becomes the owner of the car you choose, and you become the user of the same car. When you repay all the fees according to your repayment plan, the ownership of the car is transferred to you.

    You can apply for the amount of funding from 2,000,000 UGX to a maximum of 37,000,000 UGX with a repayment period of up to 60 months. Minimum down payment is 20%.

  • How to apply for car financing through Mogo?

    You can apply for car financing in several ways:

    • Through this website, filling out an aplication by clicking here.

    • By calling us at +256 707 269 366

    • By visting one of our branches.

  • What is the maximum repayment term?

    You can apply for car loan with a maximum repayment period of up to 60 months.

  • How do I pay a monthly installment?

    You are obliged to pay monthly installments in accordance with the repayment plan attached to your loan contract. To make it easier for you, you will receive an text message message as a reminder of any upcoming payment.

Buying car with the help of mogo

  • How can I buy a car with car mogo car loan?

    You will need these documents:

    • • Proof of income – bank statement for 6 months

    • • Mobile Money statement (if available)

    • • Official payslip (if employed)

    • • Driver’s permit

    • • National Identity Card

    Full proccess:

    • • Pick a potential car to buy

    • • Fill out an online application or come to a mogo branch

    • • Preliminary loan offer will be made in 15 minutes

    • • Submit required documents

    • • Car is inspected by mogo valuer

    • • Contract is signed

    • • GPS is installed in the car

    • • Client makes downpayment and adds mogo name to the logbook

    • • Money is transferred to the seller

  • Will mogo require proof of my income?

    When applying for car financing, mogo will ask you to submit the last 6 bank statements or other relevant documents proving the source and amount of income.

  • Is comprehensive insurance required?

    Comprehensive insurance is only required if the car is used for commercial purposes.

Questions about the car

  • How is car value assessed?

    Mogo uses internal valuers to evaluate the value of the car. In addition we use a modern international assessment model with a huge database, which provides an accurate valuation of each car.

  • Is compulsory auto insurance required?

    Under the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act Uganda, all the vehicles operating in public places should have car insurance cover with third party car insurance cover. It means that a car insurance policy must cover the third party in case of any accident.

Terms & conditions

  • What documents are needed to apply for a loan?

    • Proof of income – bank statement for 6 months
    • Mobile Money statement (if available)
    • Official payslip (if employed)
    • Driver’s permit
    • National Identity Card
    • URA Tax Identification Number (TIN)

  • What are the terms of contract?

    • Financing – up to 80% of the car value
    • Loans from 2,000,000 to 37,000,000 UGX
    • Loan term up to 60 months
    • Any car of your choice – no age or make restrictions

Useful information

  • When will I become a car owner?

    After full repayment of your contract, you will be contacted by Mogo employee to re-transfer ownership of the car in your name.

  • What happens in the event of an accident or theft of a car?

    In the event of an accident or theft, you are obliged to notify relevant authorities, your insurance company and Mogo Loans SMC Ltd.

  • Can the car be used outside of Uganda?

    It is not allowed to use financed car outside of Uganda.

  • What happens if I can not pay monthly payment on time?

    If you think you can not pay your monthly payment foreseen in the original repayment plan, please contact our customer support experts to offer you a proper repayment plan according to your needs.