Vehicle financing calculator

5,000,000 UGX 46,000,000 UGX
6 60

Monthly payment:
1,199,041 UGX
Initial deposit:
4,800,000 UGX change
Initial deposit:
4,800,000 UGX change
Monthly payment:
1,199,041 UGX

  • Finance up to 80% the market value of the any vehicle regardless of model and age
  • Conveniently pay back with a loan period of up to 60 months
  • Get your loan approved and processed in 24 hours

Car financing in Uganda

Finance up to 80% of any car's value regardless of age or make!

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MOGO - best car financing terms

MOGO offers used car financing in Uganda at one of the lowest interest rates among microfinance companies.


Our vehicle finance service covers up to 80% of car’s value regardless of age, make and model. Long repayment period of up to 60 months guarantees affordable monthly payments - start driving your personal car for as low as 700,000 UGX per month.


Our friendly and professional staff provides quick loan approvals - after documents are submitted, you will get money in 24 hours.


MOGO can help you find a car of your dreams as well -  we work with main car dealerships in Uganda. Alternatively, choose an auto through our car portal, where you will find various car brands from our trusted partners.

Do you want to finance a car, get a logbook loan, or obtain a boda loan?

Car loans

MOGO offers prompt, professional used car financing services. Choose any car with a value of up to 46,000,000 UGX, deposit as low as 20%, and drive it in 24 hours. No restrictions on car's make, model, or age! Repayment period up to 60 months.

Logbook loans

Your car can lend you money - receive a logbook loan of up to 37,000,000 UGX. Get money in 24 hours and continue driving your car! Irrespective of age and model of your auto, MOGO offers loans of up to 80% of the market value of your vehicle.

Boda loans

Loan product specifically created to allow customers to have access to funds with which they can buy a boda boda (motorcycle). Own a new boda with a down payment of only 500,000 UGX, and pay 76,000 UGX per week while driving your boda until you fully own it.
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Car financing company you can trust

As one of the leading car financing companies, MOGO specializes in the provision of quick, easy, and affordable financing options to support our customers.

MOGO is an internationally trusted company operating in more than 17 countries across Europe, Asia & Africa. With more than 100,000 customers world-wide you are in safe hands.
To obtain a car loan, logbook loan, or boda boda loan, you are required to fill and submit an application form. Also, you can make use of our online calculator to calculate your first deposit and monthly payment
Contact us today for auto financing in Uganda. We are just a call away. Our branches currently operate in Kampala, Mbale & Mbarara.