Easter Charity


Easter Charity

As Easter approached we gathered some items from our Teams and collected them for the Easter Charity drive.

This time we went to SUS Foundation located in Kibuye, A foundation that harbours refugees, Currently has orphans, widows, single mothers, and some families still recovering from the effects of war in Congo. Even though they are going through a tough time, their resilience and hope for a better future are admirable. They have decided to upskill women in tailoring, bead making, farming, and soap making as a form of livelihood for sustainability.
We were able to give gardening tools such as hoes, rakes, pangas slashers, etc for their planting season, They are excited for the harvest, and so are we!

This created a shift in perspective for our Team, Dedicating time to help others teaches you patience, kindness, and resilience, and by the time we left, none of us was left the same, We have a different perspective to life, work and people in general.💚